On the subject of me...

I was born and raised in Syracuse, New York. I attended SUNY Binghamton where I earned both a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development. 

I have always loved to make things. For me, the act of creating is compulsory. So here I am, mid twenties, doing my best not to lose sight of my creative conscious. 

What I do...

If I'm honest, what I think initially attracted me to printmaking was simply that I hadn't done it before... But what hooked me, what I really became addicted to was the complexity of it all. How each part of the process became an art form in and of itself; deciding on an image, developing the plate, mixing the ink, and finally printing the piece. Furthermore, those stages and steps change for each technique, and I love it. I love that it's messy and complex, and so easy to screw up. 

My work is the result of many printmaking techniques including etching, monotype, woodcut, screen prints and collagraphs. Other projects also include artist books, drawings, paintings, collage, mixed media and many collaborative works.

It is my hope for this site to not only serve as my portfolio, but for it to also be an informative platform. Through the use of video and photos it is my intention to share a bit of that process with you. 

And to boot...

Some awards and honors include the Undergrad Research Scholarship for Creative Work at Binghamton University 2012, Martha Norcross award for Art at Binghamton University 2012, Honorable Mention at The Best of SUNY Student Art Exhibition- State Museum of New York, Albany, Spring 2012 and Honorable Mention at the New York State Fair Art Exhibition 2013.

I have been featured in many exhibitions, including the Best of SUNY show of 2012, The NYS Fair Art Exhibition, the collaborative shows of Manifold and Marking the Matrix, as well as curating many student shows and my own BFA exhibition.